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Invisalign® vs Braces

Invisalign® vs Braces: There Is No Competition.

Predictable, More Options, Less Pain, No Wires.

At Queen’s Park Dental in New Westminster, we are Gold+ Invisalign® Providers. 

We deliver first-class dental service and you will see exactly why Invisalign® is the clear alternative to braces.

Watch the video below about how Invisalign® is different from braces or read on to learn more!

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Invisalign® vs Braces: Reasons We Love Invisalign®

The Invisalign® Process Is Faster Than Braces

Your Invisalign® Journey will not only be wire-free, but it will go by about 5 months faster, on average, than braces. Overall, the whole process from start to finish is more intuitive, more convenient, and more comfortable when compared with braces.

See Your Smile Progress With Invisalign®

Not only does Invisalign® allow you to preview your new smile before treatment even starts, but you also get to watch it progress. The ability to see your smile evolve every time you brush and floss is a powerful motivator.

When you have crooked teeth, you notice the condition worsen over time and even the smallest shifts can seem massive. Now imagine the inverse! With Invisalign®, you can watch your teeth shift into your beautiful new smile without wires or brackets to obscure the view.

Invisalign® Cost: Same or Less Than Braces

Since the process is faster when compared with braces, the Invisalign® cost can be lower when fewer aligners or adjustments are required. On average, the cost of Invisalign® is comparable to or less than braces.

Invisalign® Offers Maximum Precision With Digital Imaging

The iTero Element® scanner delivers the precision that Invisalign® has become renowned for. Not only does iTero Element® quickly produce a 3D digital scan of your teeth, but it also compares it with 8 million other smile data sets. This AI ensures accurate and predictable corrections for crooked teeth and misaligned bites. The system also allows you to preview the results, something braces could never do!

Invisalign® vs Braces: Oral Hygiene and Homecare

Not only are you stuck with a metal-mouth aesthetic with braces, but so is your food. Even the most devoted brushers and flossers can hit a wall when it comes to keeping their teeth clean with braces. Braces make the essentials of dental hygiene difficult and frustrating. 

Not so with Invisalign®! Being able to remove your sophisticated orthodontic solution is a revolution in comfort and convenience. 

The removable trays are just that, removable. So whenever you need to eat, you can take out your Invisalign® trays and fully enjoy your meal. And brushing and flossing are no different from life without orthodontics. Simply replace your Invisalign® when you’re done.

Eat What You Like and Save Time With Invisalign®

Generally, optimal dental health calls for less sticky, sugary, and starchy foods because they are tough to remove and not very healthy. And with 32 teeth worth of metal brackets and wires, these foods become exponentially harder to remove. Consequently, post-meal cleaning with braces can take two or three times longer than regular cleaning.

Invisalign® allows you to enjoy meals without the hassle. You can remove the easy-to-clean trays, enjoy your food, and replace the cleaned trays after brushing and flossing.

Freedom to Be Fully Active With Invisalign®

If you actively participate in sports, braces can be a nightmare, especially for contact sports. When you get braces, you have to sacrifice activities where forceful impacts are anticipated.

When you participate in contact sports, mouthguards are essential for protecting your teeth. With braces, you cannot wear a mouthguard over the brackets and wires. Any impact will be doubly severe with a mouth full of unprotected metal, not just to the person wearing braces, but to the person colliding with them!

Because you can remove the Invisalign® clear aligners, you can also freely participate in all the contact sports you like! This means that you can wear your custom mouthguard, keeping your smile safe while you play.  

If you do participate in contact sports, but don’t have a custom mouthguard yet, learn more:

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