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Invisalign® Vivera® Retainer

Invisalign® Retainer Instructions

Invisalign Vivera Retainer in New Westminster

First 3 Months

After completing your Invisalign® journey and you are happy with your new smile, we need to keep that gorgeous smile of yours perfect. For the first 3 months, you need to wear your retainers for about 21-22 hours a day, that means wearing them day and night. Not wearing your retainers will result in unwanted movement of your teeth and your retainers will not fill well or at all anymore. Please wear your retainers as instructed, this is key to keeping your New Smile.
Retainers don’t last forever and they usually lose their rigidity within 2 years. Also, if you grind or clench aggressively when you are sleeping they may not even last 2 years. Keep an eye on your retainers, when they looked cracked, damaged or show signs of breakage, it is time to replaced them with a new set.

After 3 Months

Once 3 months of wearing your retainers for 21-22 hours a day is over, you can now switch to nightly wear.  When completing treatment of Invisalign, you get one set of retainers at no further cost to you. However, we do recommend Invisalign®‘s Vivera® Retainers.
These are made of stronger plastic and you get 4 sets. This is great in case you lose a set, put them in a napkin and throw them out at a restaurant, your dog eats them, etc. This way you don’t have to wait for us to order you a new set, you would have 3 more sets in your house. It is also nice to try one of these sets of Vivera® retainers every 6-8 months. If the new retainers are really tight, your present set of retainers have warped or stretched. This means it is time to use one of your new Vivera® retainers and toss or recycle the old ones.
If you only have one set of retainers, you cannot perform this test. This is another reason we recommend Invisalign® Vivera® Retainers.

Retainer at Home Care

Your Vivera® retainers come with a few packages of Invisalign® Cleaning Crystals that you can order directly from the Invisalign® website. You can also use a toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste to clean them daily. Rinse the retainers thoroughly with water after each cleaning.
Remember to bring your retainers to your next dental visit for a professional cleaning.
For more information about Vivera®, click here.
Invisalign Cost in New Westminster

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