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Dr. Priya Deol

New Westminster Dentist

New Westminster Dentist – Dr. Priya Deol

Dr. Priya Deol received her Bachelor of Science in Oral Health & Masters in Dentistry from Gold Coast, Australia. She has spent close to 10 years in the field of dentistry by starting her education as a dental hygienist. She practiced dental hygiene from 2013 to 2017. This gave her the fundamental tools to understand her patient’s oral health as well as their personal and emotional needs.

Dr. Priya Deol is a general dentist with a passion for aesthetic and functional dentistry as these aspects of dentistry provide her patients with a confident and functional smile. Arising from this passion, she finds inspiration to provide patient centered care because each patient has their own understanding of oral health & she would like to influence them to understand how their teeth function while ensuring they are happy with their smile.

The trust between a doctor and patient is extremely important as we all know. Dr. Priya Deol takes this very seriously. Her patients are trusting her with an important part of their physical body which effects all aspects of their life such as their mental well being. You are in good hands with Dr. Priya Deol. She tries to ensure patients can trust her as a doctor and her abilities as a certified dentist by creating an environment with open communication and comfort through constantly following up with patients through procedures. The consistent follow ups coupled with her warm and caring naturing ensures patients can rely on her to express their thoughts and provided the ability for her to communicate that they are in a safe and nurturing environment.

Also, Dr. Priya Deol is bilingual which gives her the ability to provide dental services in both English and Punjabi.

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